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Welcome to RKS Funding Solutions

According to the National Small Business Association over 22 million businesses are unable to get adequate financing.

Since the economic crisis, many banks appear unable or unwilling to lend affordable capital to any business that doesn’t meet their extremely high standards of a “creditworthy” business.

Banks look at personal credit reports, with particular attention to your FICO score, payment history and public records data.

As a result many businesses don’t have a relationship with their local bank and the lack of obtaining financing has prevented:

  • The economy from growing
  • Demand from increasing
  • & Employment from shrinking

When Your Bank Says “NO” RK&S Funding Can Help.

RK&S Funding Solutions and its affiliated companies can provide financial options that keep your business afloat but, more importantly, poised for future growth. Our section on Services shows that we

  • Determine the types of funding options that are best for your business
  • Assist your business qualify for funding
  • Work with you to manage expenses, control costs, manage risk
  • Determine future economic opportunities and future challenges