RK&S Consulting Group

Developing Strategic Initiatives in a Changing Economy

RK&S Consulting has based the core of its consulting on predicting how the presence of change generate strategic initiative that capitalize a Company’s strengths on future opportunities and minimize the risk of future challenges.

Sound business planning doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming.

It should also be a “living” document, not some report printed, bound and sentenced to the credenza in your office.

Plans should be reviewed quarterly, with variance analysis reporting (actual vs. plan vs. last year).

It is also very simple to do.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail.

Concerning small businesses:

  • Only 13% have an annual budget in writing
  • Only 14% have an annual business plan in writing
  • Only 12% have a long range plan in writing.

In all, nearly 60% of small businesses have no plans on paper at all! This could be a major reason why over 80% of small businesses fail within three years.

Small Business Consulting